Vote Russ Battiata

Russ Battiata is the Democratic candidate for Sarasota County Hospital Board Northern District, Seat 1 and is running to provide a new face, a new voice, and a new direction for the Hospital Board.

A New Face

Russ has 24 years’ experience in the medical education field, most recently at East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, where he is Campus President. In addition to managing the academic operations, Russ is also responsible for the medical clinic which provides natural healing through acupuncture, massage, and Chinese herbology. Throughout his career Russ has overseen colleges which have trained nurses, surgical technicians, acupuncture physicians, and other medical professionals. His work with the medical community and his students has launched many professional alliances and successful medical careers.

A New Voice

Russ’s vision is to bring an integrative medical mindset to the Hospital Board where traditional Western medical practices are combined with alternative methods. He believes that wellness and natural healing should be options available to all patients. Additionally, he believes that the hospitals’ workforce should be demographically representative of our community, ensuring that employment opportunities are available to all Sarasota residents.

A New Direction

Russ believes that any new Sarasota Memorial Hospital projects should include integrative practices and wellness centers ensuring a future where preventative medicine is at the forefront of all medical care.  He envisions a county where opioids are no longer overprescribed, and patients have the option of acupuncture and herbal protocols for pain management. The result of these efforts should lead to an integrative hospital system ready to better serve the medical needs of Sarasota County.


Indivisible Northeast Sarasota, a chapter with over 400 members, has endorsed Russ for Hospital Board

The Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus has endorsed Russ for Hospital Board

The Florida State Oriental Medical Association has endorsed Russ for Hospital Board